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Most Popular


  • Free zone based in Dubai

  • Up to 50 shareholders

  • Professional, commercial,

    and industrial license


  • Free zone based in Dubai

  • Up to 5 shareholders

  • Professional, commercial,

    and industrial license


  • Free zone based in Dubai

  • Up to 50 shareholders

  • Professional, commercial,

    and industrial license


  • Free zone based in Dubai

  • Up to 5 shareholders

  • Professional, commercial,

    and industrial license

About Sharjah Freezone(SHAMS)

Types of Shams Licenses and Companies

Shams Free Zone, also known as Sharjah Media City, offers one of the UAE's most affordable free zone licenses for various business activities. These licenses include:

  • Services and Consultancy License : Covers services' production, reproduction, and distribution.
  • Trading License : Enables companies to sell, import, export, and provide services related to the sale of goods.
  • Industrial License : Allows companies to produce, reproduce, transform, and manufacture goods.

Under these licenses, companies can engage in a wide range of business activities categorized under media, wholesale and retail, and services and consultancy. Here are the permitted business activities under each category:


  • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
  • Publishing activities of books, journals, and software
  • Sound recording and music publishing
  • Motion picture, video, and television program activities
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Television programming and broadcasting activities
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer programming, consultancy, and related activities
  • Information service activities
  • Web portals
  • Data processing and hosting
  • Professional, scientific, and technical activities
  • Advertising and market research for professional, scientific, and technical activities
  • Photography and specialized design
  • Creative arts and entertainment
  • Digital marketing
  • Event organizing
  • Production
  • Web portals
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design
  • Translation services

Wholesale and Retail

  • Wholesale trade
  • General trading
  • Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
  • Wholesale of household goods
  • Wholesale of machinery and equipment
  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
  • Retail sale in non-specialized zones
  • Retail sale of automotive fuel
  • Retail sale of cultural and recreational goods
  • Retail sale of food and beverages
  • Retail sale of information and communication equipment
  • Retail sale of household equipment
  • Retail sales via stalls and markets
  • Retail trade in stores, stalls, and markets
  • Wholesale, retail, and repair of vehicles and motorcycles

Services and Consultancy

  • Repair and installation of machinery, equipment, and metal products
  • Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
  • Construction
  • Electrical, plumbing, and other construction installation activities
  • Warehousing and support activities for transportation
  • Postal and courier services
  • Restaurant and mobile food services activities
  • Event catering and other food services activities
  • Holding company activities
  • Financial service activities
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Activities aiding financial services, insurance, and pension funding
  • Real estate activities
  • Legal
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Auditing and tax consulting
  • Head office activities
  • Management consultancy activities
  • Architectural and engineering activities
  • Technical testing and analysis
  • Scientific research and development
  • Rental and leasing activities
  • Leasing of intellectual property
  • Employment activities
  • Travel and tour operators
  • Building cleaning services
  • Combined facilities support activities
  • Landscape care and maintenance service activities
  • Call centers
  • Business support services
  • Office administrative and support activities
  • Organization of conventions and trade shows
  • Educational support activities
  • Sports and recreation
  • Activities of membership organizations
  • Activities of business, employers, and professional membership organizations
  • Repair of computers
  • Repair of personal and household goods

Other personal service activities

Shams Free Zone allows the incorporation of two types of companies:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This legal form limits the company's liabilities to itself, protecting shareholders from personal liability beyond their investments. An LLC incorporated with Shams Free Zone allows shareholders to open bank accounts and sponsor employees.


Shams Free Zone permits existing companies to open branches within the free zone. The branch operates as an extension of the parent company, sharing its identity for profits, gains, returns, expenses, debts, and liabilities. After opening a branch office with Shams Free Zone, the parent company can open a bank account and sponsor employees. 

Office Space for a Shams Free Zone Company

Companies incorporated within the Shams free zone must lease a workspace located within the zone. Shams free zone provides various workspace options for Shams free zone companies to choose from. These options are selected based on factors such as team size, visa requirements, and the nature of their operations. Shams free zone companies have the following workspace choices available:

Dedicated Desk

This workspace is exclusively designated for the Shams free zone company within a shared office. It includes amenities such as WiFi, a printer, and a meeting room.

Shared Desk

This workspace offers flexibility and can be shared with other business owners. It comes pre-equipped with WiFi and a printer and provides access to a meeting room. Shared desks are particularly beneficial for small business owners who aim to expand their professional network while efficiently managing their business.

Dedicated Office

: Reserved exclusively for the Shams free zone company, this private office can be locked when not in use and offers flexible seating arrangements. Depending on the company's needs, it can accommodate a single desk or multiple desks. Dedicated offices are equipped with WiFi and printers, and a shared meeting room is also available within the facility.

How are Media Businesses Expanding in the UAE ? 

There are two main options for registering a new company in the UAE. One is to establish an onshore or mainland company in partnership with a local Emirati national. However, this option can be costly and involves compliance with multiple regulations, with foreign nationals unable to have full ownership of the company. The other and more preferred choice is to set up a free zone company in the UAE. This option offers a lower cost of company setup, minimal compliance requirements, and allows foreign nationals to have 100% ownership.

In the UAE, there are several free zones that accommodate various business activities under different licenses. When selecting a free zone, business owners consider the setup costs, the reputation of the free zone, as well as its focus and objectives. It is advantageous when the free zone's objectives align with the company's focus. Interestingly, media companies have a dedicated free zone designed to facilitate their setup, operations, and growth: the Shams Free Zone. It has become the preferred jurisdiction for media business owners seeking to establish a free zone company in the UAE and expand their operations.

Here are some ways in which the focused approach of the Shams Free Zone can boost the growth of media companies:

Cost-effective setup : 

The Shams Free Zone offers one of the lowest company formations costs in the UAE, especially for media activities. The media license setup in Shams Free Zone is among the cheapest free zone licenses available.

Freelance business setup : 

Shams Free Zone provides special packages at subsidized rates for freelancers engaged in media activities. These packages include company setup and license costs, office space leasing, visa allocation, immigration card, and e-channel registration.

Company formation options : 

Shams Free Zone allows for both the setup of new media businesses and the expansion of existing ones. For new businesses, a limited liability company (LLC) structure can be incorporated, ensuring that liability is limited to the investment made in the company. Media companies already present inside or outside the UAE can establish a branch office in the Shams Free Zone, making expansion easier in a media-friendly jurisdiction.

Special facilities and film commission : 

Shams Free Zone provides specialized facilities to cater to media businesses, creating an environment that nurtures creativity. It is also launching an "influencers platform" to facilitate interactions between companies and social media influencers for promotional campaigns. Moreover, Shams Free Zone aims to become a preferred destination for film shooting by establishing its own Shams Film Commission, leveraging the picturesque landscape of Sharjah for visually appealing shots.

Workshops and seminars :  

Shams Free Zone regularly hosts workshops, seminars, and exhibitions for its companies, expanding the knowledge and horizons of company owners operating within the free zone. Media companies can benefit from dedicated workshops covering various aspects such as photography, film, and cinematography. Seminars with industry experts are also conducted regularly. Additionally, Shams Free Zone offers free invitations to business community sessions, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Shams Free Zone – Easing Out the Challenges of New Business Setup in UAE

In a world where start-up companies are thriving, more and more individuals are venturing into entrepreneurship to bring their business ideas to life. However, many talented individuals struggle to take the leap due to the perceived complexities of running a company. Fortunately, the UAE's Shams Free Zone offers a solution to these challenges faced by new businesses in the region. Let's explore how Shams Free Zone facilitates business setup in the UAE:

Initial Investment :

Establishing a company typically requires a significant initial investment, including setup costs, government fees, and share capital requirements. Shams Free Zone provides a cost-effective option for business setup in the UAE, with setup costs as low as AED 5,750, covering all necessary expenses. Moreover, the minimum share capital requirement of AED 10,000 is the lowest among other company formation jurisdictions, eliminating the need to deposit the share capital into a bank account. 

Office Space : 

Finding suitable and affordable office space is crucial for new businesses. Shams Free Zone offers flexible office options, such as shared desks, dedicated desks, shared offices, and dedicated offices. These options allow businesses to adjust their workspace according to their evolving needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Auditing : 

Financial compliance can be overwhelming, especially for those without extensive financial expertise. Shams Free Zone simplifies this process by imposing minimal financial compliances. There's no need to deal with lengthy financial statements, internal or external audits, or complex bookkeeping standards. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on their core business activities without the burden of extensive financial reporting.

Taxes : 

Taxes can significantly impact a company's profitability, particularly for new ventures. Shams Free Zone, situated in a tax-free jurisdiction in the UAE, offers a favorable tax environment. There are no corporate income taxes or personal income taxes to worry about. The UAE government's tax incentives aim to support businesses, enabling 100% repatriation of capital and profits. As a result, business owners can fully enjoy the rewards of their hard work without excessive tax liabilities.

Training : 

Training plays a vital role in the success of any company. Shams Free Zone recognizes this importance and regularly conducts training sessions for company owners and their staff. These training opportunities enhance business skills and provide valuable networking platforms. Additionally, Shams Free Zone allows companies to showcase their products and services at renowned exhibitions like the GITEX Expo and Seamless Middle East, fostering growth and increasing visibility.

In conclusion : 

 Shams Free Zone offers an ideal environment for business setup in the UAE, addressing the challenges that often deter aspiring entrepreneurs. With affordable setup costs, flexible office options, simplified financial compliances, tax benefits, and valuable training opportunities, Shams Free Zone paves the way for entrepreneurial success.

Key Features

Listed below are the primary motives behind establishing a Shams free zone enterprise.

AffordableShams free zone is the most cost-effective free zone in the UAE.
Instils Growth Companies can participate in various workshops on business management and networking.
Tax FreeEnjoy the benefits of zero personal and corporate tax.
Repatriation of FundsCapital and profits can be repatriated without deductions.
OwnershipNon-UAE nationals can fully own a Shams-free zone company.
Time ZoneConvenient world time zone (GMT+04:00)
Paid Up Capital RequirementNo minimum requirement for paid-up capital
LocationLocated in Sharjah, Dubai’s neighboring emirate, enabling proximity for doing business
Shams free zone is the most cost-effective free zone of UAE.
Instils Growth
Companies can participate in various workshops relating to business management.Business owners can network through these workshops.
Tax Free
Enjoy the benefits of zero (0) personal and corporate tax.
Repatriation of Funds
Your capital and profits are your own, as they can be repatriated without anydeductions.
Non-UAE nationals can fully own a Shams free zone company.
Time Zone
Convenient world time zone; GMT+04:00
Paid Up Capital Requirement
No minimum requirement for paid up capital
Do business in Sharjah - Dubai’s next-door emirate.

What is a Shams free zone company?

A Shams free zone company refers to a business entity that is established within the Shams free zone, which is a designated economic zone in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the benefits of setting up a Shams free zone company?

Setting up a Shams free zone company offers various benefits, including cost-effectiveness, 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, repatriation of funds, and no currency restrictions.

How affordable is it to establish a Shams free zone company?

Shams free zone is known for its affordability, making it a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish their presence in the UAE.

Can non-UAE nationals fully own a Shams free zone company?

Yes, non-UAE nationals have the opportunity to fully own a Shams free zone company, providing them with complete control and ownership of their business

Are there any tax benefits for Shams free zone companies?

Shams free zone companies enjoy the benefit of zero personal and corporate tax, allowing businesses to operate in a tax-free environment.

Can capital and profits be repatriated without deductions in Shams?

Yes, Shams free zone facilitates the repatriation of capital and profits without any deductions, ensuring that business owners have full control over their financial resources.

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